Skriv HD

Skriv HD
Pris: 49,00 kr
Kategori: Uddannelse
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Udgivelsesdato: 8 maj 2018
Firma: Jetmobile
Størrelse: 18.90 MB
Version: 1.0
Udviklet til: iPad


This app is made for the joy of writing, creating, collaborating & sharing multimodal projects.

This app enables you to :
- Write with Danish speech synthesis ( two different voices )
- Write with external Keyboard
- Insert multiple pictures, place them and scale them as you want.
- Control the size of text and images with sliders.
- Enjoy extensive sharing/combine options. Supporting multiple apps & services.
- Create your own documents with text and images that are saved.
- This app works wonderful offline.
- This app Supports "Hjælpelinjer"
- This app supports option: "select words" as sentence is played.
- This app is made for collaboration.
- This app works well in combination with other production apps. e.g. Book Creator.
By using this app, the student will get awareness/trained in the auditory Phonem + Grapheme connection.

Will recommend to connect with our Facebook Group "Læringsteknologi 2018" All new features are covered in the latest manual "Skriv_HD_Manual.pdf"
Here you will be able to watch Demo videos. Get support, tip, advices, discussions about app. Press "Developer Website" to go to this group.


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