KMD WorkZone for Intune

KMD WorkZone for Intune
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Kategori: Produktivitet
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Udgivelsesdato: 28 februar 2019
Firma: KMD A/S
Størrelse: 118.63 MB
Version: 19.1
Udviklet til: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


KMD WorkZone for Microsoft Intune is used to work with WorkZone meetings and tasks in an environment that is managed by Microsoft Intune.

With WorkZone you can check your WorkZone meetings and work on your WorkZone tasks on your iPad or iPhone wherever you are and no matter if you are online or offline.

You can get an overview of your WorkZone meetings from a meeting list and open a meeting to view or edit meeting details and attached documents.

From a task list, you can work with your WorkZone tasks whenever it suits you. Whether your tasks are about submissions, hearings, paragraph 20 questions, or other, you can easily view and edit the task content, comment, and approve or reject tasks.

Note that you must be a WorkZone Content Server user to be able to use WorkZone on your iPad or iPhone.

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