Norsk Ordbog

Norsk Ordbog
Pris: 79,00 kr.
Kategori: Reference
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Udgivelsesdato: 4 november 2011
Firma: Gyldendal
Størrelse: 13.22 MB
Version: 2.4
Udviklet til: Universal (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)


The dictionary is based on Gyldendal's Røde Miniordbog. It contains translations of more than 25,000 of the most frequently used Norwegian and Danish words and phrases.

The dictionary performs searches promptly, and the word you type emerges on a list as you gradually write the letters. When the word you are searching for appears in the word list, you can immediately see the translation.

If the word has several senses, or you would like to see more details about it, you can touch the word and see all the details - e.g. other possible translations, phrases and text examples, inflected forms etc.

Also see the screen dumps, which show examples of the many different types of information you get in the dictionaries.

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